Ecom Ethos


Ecom Ethos is a specialized Shopify partner assisting ecommerce companies in creating high-performance Shopify stores.

With a keen focus on brand representation and business strategy, they provide scalable and high-converting stores.

Their services extend from designing and building professional Shopify sites to ensuring seamless marketing integrations and site upkeep.



Mumbai, インド


英語 ヒンディー語


Shopify Eコマース・デザイン Shopify 開発 Eコマースサイト開発 Shopifyデザイン



I had totally screwed up my Analytics implementation and was thoroughly confused, so I posted a job to Shopify Experts thinking someone could get it sorted out.

Jinesh came to my rescue, easily offering a more thoughtful proposal with a better price than the 15 other service providers. He implemented an analytics approach across multiple Google and Facebook services that was extremely thorough went well beyond what I even imagined I might need.

Throughout the project he developed and maintained a detailed issue tracking list and shared with me questions and progress on a regular basis.

Jinesh is incredibly good at what he does and I plan to continue working with him. I'm 100% sure he's a gem. So wait, I mean DON'T use him. I want to keep him to myself!


Jinesh is a gentleman. He is very efficient, patient and through. Gave me all I needed and more. Knowledgeable , calm and forthright. It was a pleasure to work with him. I will continue my relationship with him as he is a pleasure to work with.

Jeffrey Goldstein

Fabilicious Fashion

I worked with Jinesh from Ecomethos for my fashion brand Fabilicious Fashions Jinesh is super responsive and simple to work with.

He is professional and transparent in communication. I think Jinesh is not just a person with technical skills but also hands-on knowledge which gave me confidence

His technical skills gave me confidence to build my store. Jinesh has excellent domain knowledge of selling online and is dependable and trustworthy. I would highly recommend Ecomethos for their services

Sejal's Boutique

In the beginning, I was of view that I should on board someone from Pune itself, so that I would be able to have a face to face interaction.

But after selecting ecomethos from Mumbai, it has been a smooth flow since the beginning and I am satisfied with the results.

Jinesh has a very sound understanding of the online e-commerce and customer behaviour. He gives advice on how to improve business.

Now sales have increased for us, We are better at inventory management and we have more visibility on the online map.

Keep up the good work. I have already recommended their services to my friends.

Cultural Concepts

Jinesh from EcomEthos is commitment to his tasks. He is an expert in ecommerce business, I have learnt so many things from him while building my website - a thorough learning experience.

Apart from this, He is a knowledge bank... I mean like a personal e-commerce google. You have a query, he has the have a problem, he has the solution.

I found someone extremely supportive in every handling all aspects of my website... be anything goes wrong or even when a advice is needed.

Now, website building seems to be fun and ongoing process contrary to my earlier beliefs. Would you recommend this service? If so, why?

I believe its difficult for a person to cover all aspects of business by himself. You always need little help, little support. So, its always better to find someone who can do the task better than you. and when someone as brilliant as Jinesh can handle the affair, why not to concentrate on other elements and leave your website development to him.

My overall experience with Jinesh from Ecom Ethos has been awesome. I would recommend him to everyone who is looking to build ecommerce store. His skills and knowledge are unmatchable. And he has this beautiful habit of saying "yes, we can