Yellowstone Prep and Ship


Yellowstone Prep and Ship, located in tax-free Billings, MT, delivers premium FBA, FBM, eBay, and Walmart fulfillment services.

Dedicated to superior customer service, our process is designed for efficiency and ease, managing and tracking your inventory seamlessly.

Now expanding to offer Walmart Seller Center support, including training on their system for a holistic e-commerce solution.


Montana Billings, アメリカ合衆国




国際配送 準備センター FBAの準備


Allie H.

Katy has been great to work with. She is very knowledgeable and thorough with her prep work! She is great to communicate with and is readily available for any questions I’ve had!

She has a fast turn around time while also making sure everything is prepped to the highest standard. Thanks Katy for everything.

Melanie Bryant

Katy at Yellowstone Prep and Ship is amazing. She is very knowledgable about the entire industry and has the ability to answer any questions you may have.

She is quick, efficient, pays extra close attention to detail and makes sure that things are prepped and shipped correctly and at a very high standard.

She is very good at what she does and strives for excellence. Thanks for everything Katy!

Ashley M.

Great experience working with Yellowstone prep and ship so far. Katy has been so patient with me while I am still pretty new at all of this.

She is very knowledgeable with both the prep and seller side of things. When I first signed up with Yellowstone prep and ship, I was really struggling to get going.

Katy put me in contact with another one of her clients who helped me better understand how the listings worked and assisted me with some gating issues I was having.

In the last 12 weeks my profit has continued to trend upward. Thank you, Yellowstone Prep and Ship!

Mitch Monical

I have been working with Katy and the Yellowstone Prep and Ship team for only a few months but it has been great.

The communication is on point I am always in the information loop. Katy is a very hard worker and she does great prep work.

Fast, accurate, and great communication is what you will get here.

Avery B.

Best tax-free prep center I have worked with. Great communication and seller support. Katy goes above and beyond to take care of my inventory and help me problem solve both with purchasing and return issues.

She also has multiple warehouses which is a huge plus and has helped me overcome purchasing cancellations and limitations on specific purchases. Awesome prep services and would recommend to anyone.