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AMZ Prep Boys offers a comprehensive suite of Amazon FBA services, including quick receiving, effective e-commerce fulfillment, professional packaging, and rigorous inspection processes.

They provide scalable solutions in storage and kitting, ensuring inventory is excellently managed with detailed attention to compliance and faster turnaround times.


Los Angeles, United States of America

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Warehouse and Fulfillment Prep Centers FBA Preparation


Naser T
May 04, 2024

Excellent service from AMZ Prep Boys! They handle product preparation with utmost care, meeting all Amazon requirements, which has noticeably reduced my return rates.

Their team is professional, responsive, and incredibly efficient, processing shipments quickly and offering valuable additional services like inventory management. Highly recommend for any Amazon seller looking to streamline their operations!

Arthur H
August 23, 2023

This guy are like 30 miles away from LONG BEACH PORT where mostly all shipments from china arrives. Just so great to work with these folks! Special thanks to Sasan, Ryan, and Sina who do an amazing job. Can highly recommend them 👍

Tammy G
August 27, 2023

*** IF WE DON'T FINISH YOUR PREP SERVICE IN 48 HOURS , YOUR PREP IS FREE *** That how they role in AMZ PREP BOYZ . I have been working with them for about 6 months now and completely satisfied with them , They are extremely fast , always available if i need support Shoutout to Sammie :)

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