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AVASK provides comprehensive global e-commerce solutions, specializing in VAT compliance, sales tax registration, and hassle-free logistics.

Their expert services simplify customs, extend producer responsibility, and ensure seamless market expansion, especially in the EU and US.


England Southampton, United Kingdom

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Michael Knowlton
August 16, 2018

Avask is a breath of fresh air compared to another company I was using that cost me dear. They are professional and so helpful with their advice and most importantly you can speak to someone on a landline, not like the American company I was using before where I had to book by email 5-6 days in advance to get a call that invariably did not come. The Avask support system is second to none and their knowledge and network is what you need to feel confident and relaxed.

They go out of their way to listen and give advice on your personal circumstances even looking ahead for you – if you are unsure of who to start with when it comes to the minefield that is EU VAT registration and filing on Amazon, then we would highly recommend AVASK above all the others.

My Team are at the Winchester Office and they are all second to none – It’s just a shame that I did not choose them at the beginning. I would have had a few less grey hairs…

Alpargatus Pasos Artesanales
August 15, 2018

The team of AVASK did a fantastic job, they succeed in fast time to provide the 2 required VAT for UK Numbers and not only, they gave us the confidence that will be done in time and we will not have any problems. The communication was smooth and fast. A good and reliable service

David Rifkin
August 13, 2018

AVASK to the a USA seller we were excited to expand our international business. We connected with AVASK and all of our prayers were answered...they helped with VAT, registering properly, helping with classifying shipments, making sure taxes were done right and early!

Anytime we have a question they are there for doubt this is the way to go for anyone thinking of UK and EU business from the stateside seller account.

August 09, 2018

We contacted AVASK to help us with PAN EU registration. The whole process was made very simple and easy. They were open and upfront about the costs at the beginning, there were no hidden fees etc.

The team are easily contactable and quick to respond to emails. They fully understand Amazon and work closely with the PAN EU team giving us the confidence that we wouldn't suffer a short-term suspension while being asked to prove we had applied to each country. I would highly recommend them.

Cheryl Anakwa
August 05, 2018

Handing my international tax affairs to AVAST was easy and took a large burden of time off of me and freed me up to concentrate on running my business.

Alexandra is an absolute pleasure to work with and the process was easy. I highly recommend them!

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