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E-CommerceX, a Shopify partner based in Islamabad, Pakistan, excels in diverse e-commerce solutions, with the specific offering of improving site performance and speed as a valued specialty.

Catering to businesses across various industries including Pet care, they have been enhancing customer experiences on Shopify platforms since September 2020.



Islamabad, Pakistan

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1.0 2023-01-20 12:00

BEWARE!! To avoid any unnecessary stress, I would highly encourage you to keep looking for a different expert. Be very cautious about using this expert.

At first, everything seemed to be fine. But after several months had passed, we started seeing some issues related to these experts' work. We had to go back to the previous theme because of an error that resulted in google having issues crawling our website homepage.

Main issues we had:
1) either a mistake was made or the javascript being used resulted in google having issues crawling homepage 2) expert doesn't respond to messages, even after offered to be paid (appears he only wants new customers that can be scammed) 3) our scores have decreased and no responses from E-commerceX

I see there is another review that has commented about this expert using javascript to basically fake the speed scores. I'm not sure if that was the case with us but I've been unable to get them to respond regarding the issues his work has caused.

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