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Eluo Tech specializes in developing highly popular eCommerce apps for Shopify. Their expertise lies in enhancing store owners' sales and performance.

Among their many services, including bespoke theme development and integrations, they are particularly renowned for their focus on site speed and the store build process.



Nanchang, China

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Shopify Shopify Development Ecommerce Site Development System Integrations


5.0 2017-04-21 12:00

Completely understands what I want the first time and executes my ideas perfectly! I will definitely hire them again in the future.

5.0 2016-04-20 12:00

Working with them has been a wonderful experience. If you want to break into the China market with your shopify store, definitely speak with them!

Shopify merchant
5.0 2016-03-15 12:00

之前做了专门针对美国的站 现在做了一个针对新西兰的站进行SEO 他们的工具很多 关键字分析很到位 这些都是好的东西 感觉找专业的还是放心 不像别的一些论坛发广告的 一点都不放心。 老板让我过来表扬几句 我也不知道写啥 从服务上说肯定是很满意 从价钱来说稍微贵了些 但一分钱一分货这个我也懂 反正老板满意就行。

Shopify merchant
5.0 2016-03-15 12:00

沟通小哥超有爱 一下就能抓到痛点 没想到他们英语那么好 我觉得技术能力好强噢 简直是 可能我没有做过技术吧 从站点设置 效率优化 模版开发 邮件订阅 还有他们那个ERP系统 我真的好想用啊 等我公司人多些后 一些使用你们更能多的服务。 我的SKU超多的好吧 上万 之前是没有SKU 他们帮我把SKU归一化处理了(虽然我不知道什么是SKU规范化) 但现在确实管理沟通起来方便多了。

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