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Frndzlans offers comprehensive e-commerce solutions, particularly proficient in Shopify store setup. Their services extend to Wordpress, Magento, OpenCart platforms, app development, digital marketing, and branding solutions.

Adept in creating attractive UI designs and executing logical problem-solving, they ensure a responsive and aesthetically pleasing storefront for business growth.


Hyderabad, India

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Shopify Shopify Development Marketing Ecommerce Site Development


Luxe Flowers Delivered
1.0 2023-12-10 12:00

Frustrating Service, No Refund: Disappointed with Frandlzlans

Regrettably, our engagement with Frandlzlans resulted in a frustrating and unresolved experience. Despite efforts to address the situation, we have not received a refund, necessitating a chargeback through our bank.

Luxe Flowers Delivered enlisted Frandlzlans for Shopify store customization, expecting timely execution and adherence to agreed terms. However, this expectation was not met.

Despite a clear agreement outlining a $250 project cost with a $125 deposit and a specified 3-week completion period, the project stretched for six months without tangible progress. Communication was persistently unclear, with promised deadlines repeatedly extended without delivery.

Despite our numerous attempts to reach an amicable resolution and a clear refund request, Frandlzlans adamantly declined to reimburse the deposit for incomplete work.

The terms of our agreement were blatantly disregarded, leaving the project unfulfilled months beyond the initially stipulated timeframe. Frandlzlans' failure to honor commitments and their lack of responsiveness or refund since June has left us deeply dissatisfied.

It's crucial for potential clients to approach Frandlzlans' services with caution. Their inability to fulfill obligations and reluctance to refund payments, even after months of attempted communication, raises concerns about their professionalism.

Lukasz Gajewski Director, Luxe Flowers Delivered

Flowers Box London
1.0 2023-12-10 12:00

Unfulfilled Service, No Refund: Disappointing Experience

My experience with Frandlzlans Team has been deeply disappointing, marked by unfulfilled promises and an absence of a refund. Despite repeated attempts, my money has not been returned, leading me to initiate a chargeback process through my bank.

I engaged Frandlzlans Team to customize my Shopify store, expecting professional service and timely completion. Unfortunately, this was far from the reality.

Despite a clear agreement for a 3-week completion period and a $600 cost with a $300 deposit, the project dragged on for six months without progress. Communication was consistently misleading, and promised deadlines were repeatedly extended without results.

After multiple failed attempts to rectify the situation and a clear request for a refund, Frandlzlans Team adamantly refused to reimburse the deposit for incomplete work.

The contract terms were unmet, with a project deadline unfulfilled even months beyond the initial agreed-upon timeframe. Despite my continuous efforts since June, they have not responded nor refunded my payment, leaving me greatly dissatisfied.

It's imperative for others to be cautious when considering Frandlzlans Team's services. They not only fail to deliver on their commitments but also refuse to refund payments, ignoring communication attempts for months.

Lukasz Gajewski Director, Flowers Box London

5.0 2023-11-01 12:00

Cost is cheap. FRNDZLANS can do whatever you mean.

5.0 2023-10-09 12:00

I am absolutely thrilled with the exceptional work done by Bayapa on my website. From the moment we started working together, their expertise and professionalism shone through.

Bayapa demonstrated an in-depth knowledge of Shopify, and their attention to detail was remarkable. They took the time to understand my vision and business needs, and then transformed them into a stunning, user-friendly website.

Throughout the process, Bayapa was incredibly responsive, promptly addressing any questions or concerns I had. They went above and beyond to ensure that every aspect of the website met my expectations.

Not only did Bayapa deliver a website that exceeded my expectations, but they also provided valuable insights and suggestions that significantly improved the overall user experience.

I am confident that my website is in the best possible hands with Bayapa, and I look forward to working with them on future projects.

I wholeheartedly recommend Bayapa to anyone in need of a Shopify expert. Thank you for your outstanding work Bayapa !

5.0 2023-10-04 12:00
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