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  • Customized solutions for your business

  • Trusted by global brands and fast-growing startups

  • Dedicated team of experts with years of experience

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The trusted partner for ecommerce.
Years in Business

Before using Sanka, we were doing all the reporting work manually, which took hours every day. After installing Sanka, all these tasks were automated and my work became much easier. Highly recommended for anyone looking to automate their tasks and improve efficiency.


Sanka is our trusted partner who can commit to and run projects from the same perspective as our members, rather than just giving advice. They have even accompanied us on business trips and supported our recruitment activities.

What is Sanka?
Introducing Sanka,
an ecommerce data platform.

Sanka brings ecommerce data in one place - products, campaigns, customers, and more.


With all the data, you can grow revenue, save time, and increase profits, faster.


From market data to integrations. We built the best data infrastructure for ecommerce.

Pricing & ROI
$300/month for all the apps you need. to grow your ecommerce.
Sanka Other Services
Number of Users
✅ Unlimited 🛑 Limited
✅ Unlimited 🛑 Limited
Setup Fee, Contract Period
✅ None 🛑 3 Months~
Migration Support
✅ Supported 🛑 Limited

Consolidate your ecommerce tools: ROI 1000%

CRM + Order Management + Marketing = $3,000/month
Combine tools with Sanka = $300/month

Automate your processes: ROI 1333%

2 Admin Staff (320 hours) = $4,000/month
Automate the work with Sanka = $300/month

Automate your marketing: ROI 666%

Customer Lifetime Value (LTV) = $200/month
Get 10 new customers for $300/month

$300/month for unlimited popele

  • Metrics & Reports

  • Market Research

  • Marketing & Social media

  • Customers & Deals

  • Items & Orders

  • Help Desk & Bots

  • Workflows & Automations

Multiple Apps

$1,000+/month for just 5 employees

  • Metrics & Reporting: $200

  • Market Research : $100

  • Marketing & Social media: $500

  • Customers & Deals: $500

  • Products & Orders: $200

  • Help Desk & Bots: $500

  • Workflows & Automations: $200

Onboarding Support
Sanka supports you when you need it.
  • Dedicated onboarding team kick off.

  • Free migration services from current tools.

  • The success team fixes your issues 24/7.

  • Instant solutions from our help center.

  • Professional consulting services when necessary.

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