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I love Sanka because it’s simple and so easy to use. The interface is clean and you know how to automate tasks immediately.

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Our AI-automated solution integrates multiple accounts, manages publishing, listens for trends, and reports metrics.

Sanka is a digital transformation platform that offers business apps
and automated workflows for saving cost and boosting productivity.

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20+ apps lets you centralize all workflows and optimize cost spend.

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Customize your apps and integrations to build the solution just for you.

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Sanka offers the best ROI for your business.
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Monthly Fee
$20~ $20~
Number of Apps
✅ 25 🛑 1~
Automated Workflows
✅ Unlimited 🛑 Limited
✅ Unlimited 🛑 Limited
Setup Fee, Contract Period
✅ None 🛑 3 Months~
Migration & Onboarding Support
✅ Supported 🛑 Limited

Consolidate your tools: ROI 600%

CRM + Invoicing + Order Management = $3,000/month
Sanka = $500/month

Automate your processes: ROI 800%

2 Admin Staff (320 hours) = $4,000/month
Sanka = $500/month

Optimize your demand forecast: ROI 6000%

Lost Sales due to Excess Inventory = $4,000/month
Sanka = $500/month

Automate your sales & marketing: ROI 400%

Customer Lifetime Value (LTV) = $200/month
Automate 10 calls & emails, 10 new customers, $500/month

Improve your IT infrastructure: ROI 360%

Cloud + Task + DB = $1,800/month
Sanka = $500/month

$20/month for 20+ apps
One platform, one cost

  • Customer Management

  • Invoice Management

  • Order & Item Management

  • Marketing & PR

  • Projects & Tasks

  • Talent & HR

  • Reports & Metrics

  • Check-Ins & Announcements

  • IT & Equipments

  • Finance & Accounting

  • Budget & Procurement

  • Attendance & Productivity

  • Contracts & Documents

  • Automated workflows

  • Automated workflows

Multiple Apps

$100+/month for just minimum apps.
Many apps, much cost

  • CRM App

  • Invoicing App

  • POS App

  • Task Management App

  • Docs & Files App

Onboarding Support
  • Customized solutions for your business

  • Dedicated team of experts with years of experience

  • Customized solutions for your business

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Sanka for Twitter automation?

Sanka for Twitter automation is an advanced AI-powered tool designed to streamline your Twitter management tasks. It allows you to integrate multiple Twitter accounts, automate your publishing schedule, listen to trends, and generate insightful metrics reports.

How does Sanka automate publishing on Twitter?

Sanka uses AI to automate publishing on your Twitter profiles. You can schedule posts in advance, ensuring your content is published at optimal times for maximum reach and engagement. The automation saves time and reduces the manual effort involved in managing multiple accounts.

What does 'listening' mean in this context?

In the context of Sanka for Twitter automation, 'listening' refers to monitoring the Twitter landscape for trending topics, hashtags, or discussions relevant to your brand or industry. This feature enables you to stay updated and react promptly to the dynamic Twitter environment.

What kind of reporting features does Sanka provide?

Sanka provides comprehensive metrics reports about your Twitter activity. These reports contain valuable insights about post engagement, audience growth, peak interaction times, and more. This data can guide your content strategy and help optimize your Twitter presence.

Can I manage multiple Twitter accounts with Sanka?

Yes, Sanka is designed to handle multiple Twitter accounts. This is particularly useful for brands or individuals managing diverse profiles or accounts across various regions or languages.

How does Sanka help in growing my audience on Twitter?

By leveraging AI to automate publishing, listening to trends, and providing insightful reports, Sanka makes it easier for you to engage your audience effectively. Consistent, timely posts, quick responses to trends, and data-driven strategies contribute to audience growth.


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