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Before using Sanka, we were doing all the reporting work manually, which took hours every day. After installing Sanka, all these tasks were automated and my work became much easier. Highly recommended for anyone looking to automate their tasks and improve efficiency.


Sanka is our trusted partner who can commit to and run projects from the same perspective as our members, rather than just giving advice. They have even accompanied us on business trips and supported our recruitment activities.

Onboarding & Support
Sanka supports you when you need it.
  • Dedicated onboarding team.

  • Free migration services from current tools.

  • Support team helps you onboard / fix issues 24/7.

  • Instant solutions from our help center.

  • Custom development and data integrations.

Sanka Pricing
Unbeatable ROI for your ecommerce growth.
Sanka Vs Others
Monthly Cost
✅ $300~ 🛑 $2,000~
All Commerce in One Place
✅ Supported 🛑 Limited
Number of Users
✅ Unlimited 🛑 Limited
✅ Unlimited 🛑 Limited
Setup Fee & Contract Period
✅ None 🛑 3 Months~
Migration Support
✅ Supported 🛑 Limited
Custom Development
✅ Dedicated Staff 🛑 External Vendors
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