About Sanka


Increase the productivity of humanity.

Everyday, billions of hours are wasted on mundane chores like emails, invoices, and reports. These menial tasks sap our creativity and stifle economic progress. Imagine if we could automate even a fraction of the time spent on these work. What life-changing ideas might emerge? What inspiring content might be created? Through a digital transformation platform, we create the world where people can achieve more. By unleashing people from their productivity limitations, together, we are forging a new era of human prosperity.


1. Start with Customers.
2. Be Frugal and Humble.
3. Move Fast. Think Long-Term.


Haegwan Kim

Founder and CEO, Sanka

Haegwan is responsible for setting the overall direction, product strategy, and growth for the company.
Haegwan had worked at Coinbase, Square, Revolut, and studied sociology at the University of Warwick, UK.

Company Name Sanka, Inc.
Address 1-3-2 Toyosu Koto Tokyo, Japan
Contact hey@sanka.io
Founded October 10, 2013
URL sanka.io