About Sanka


Empower people to
achieve more with less.

Our goal is to reduce the time spent on every work by half every year.

To say it differently, we aim to complete this year's 8-hour task in 4 hours next year, 2 hours the year after that, and eventually 1 hour in three years.

We push humanity forward by leveraging technology that exponentially increases the productivity of businesses and organizations.


Value creation
Long-term thinking


We help our customers halves the time spent on work through an automation platform.

There are a million things you need to do at work; sending emails, managing social media, reporting your updates, hiring people, and many more.

We founded Sanka to automate the majority of the tasks so our customers can focus on what matters most.

Every day, organizations of all types - from fast-growing startups to global brands - use Sanka to automate their workloads.

We work fully remotely to support clients around the world.