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The Rise of AI Marketing Companies


Last Update: Sept. 5, 2023


Artificial intelligence (AI) is transforming marketing in exciting new ways. More and more companies are utilizing AI tools and techniques to improve campaign performance, gain predictive insights, automate processes, and enhance the customer experience. As AI continues advancing, its role in marketing will only grow. This article explores the emergence of AI marketing companies and provides examples of leaders in the space.

What is AI Marketing?

AI marketing refers to the use of artificial intelligence technologies for marketing purposes. This includes leveraging machine learning, natural language processing, computer vision, predictive analytics, and other AI capabilities to automate, optimize, and personalize marketing campaigns across channels. AI marketing aims to boost efficiency, lower costs, and drive more impactful customer engagement.

Rather than relying solely on human effort, AI marketing augments human marketers with data-driven insights and automation. AI tools can analyze huge volumes of data to uncover patterns and make recommendations that humans alone may miss. They can also handle repetitive, time-consuming tasks so marketers can focus on higher-value strategic work.

The Rise of AI Marketing Companies

Specialized AI marketing companies are emerging to help brands implement these technologies. These firms develop proprietary algorithms and software to address common marketing pain points using the power of AI.

According to Insider Intelligence, spending on AI marketing is forecasted to see healthy growth in coming years, reaching $12 billion by 2023. More brands are recognizing AI's advantages and partnering with AI marketing companies to stay ahead.

Let's look at a few top providers in this burgeoning space:

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Streamlining Various Business Operations

Sanka's applications span across different industries and sectors, including sales, recruiting, service provision, IT, and finance.

By offering automation in these areas, Sanka provides a universal solution that could potentially be beneficial for entire teams or even organizations.

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Albert is an award-winning AI marketing platform used by leading brands such as Harley-Davidson and Adidas. The technology analyzes multiple data sources to improve campaign optimization and targeting.

Key features include real-time prediction and personalization, automated ad creative generation, cross-channel attribution, and campaign insights. Albert's AI models get smarter over time, continually refining performance. Customers have achieved 20% or higher lifts across key metrics like conversions and click through rates.


Persado utilizes AI to generate emotionally intelligent ad copy and content. Their platform automatically creates and A/B tests language variations designed to resonate with any target audience.

Leading brands like Microsoft and American Express use Persado to boost marketing performance across email, mobile, social ads, and more. On average, Persado customers see click through rate improvements of over 40%.


Chattersmith provides conversational AI to enhance chatbots, interactive content, and text-based engagements. Their natural language generation technology creates human-like interactions that foster loyalty and trust.

The platform can automatically respond to customer questions, synthesize data into natural language, and generate content to boost engagement. Chattersmith counts companies like Nestle, Audi, and GM as customers.

In a recent project with a luxury hotel brand, Chattersmith improved conversation rates by 190% compared to the brand's previous chatbot solution.


Conversica applies conversational AI to automate sales conversations. The AI Sales Assistant autonomously contacts prospects via email or SMS to qualify leads 24/7.

The human-like exchanges build rapport with prospects to schedule meetings for human sales reps. Conversica's AI Assistants have prospected over 100 million leads for customers like IBM, Pitney Bowes, and New York Life.

Salesforce Einstein

Salesforce Einstein integrates AI capabilities across the Salesforce platform for smarter CRM performance. Features include predictive lead scoring, automated data insights, AI-optimized campaign budgets and bids, and predictive modeling for forecasting.

Customers can leverage Einstein to uncover new opportunities, recommend next actions, and improve accuracy of sales and revenue forecasts. According to Salesforce, Einstein delivers conversions 2x faster than conventional CRM.


Formerly known as Facebook, Meta enables AI-powered marketing within its family of apps. Machine learning algorithms help brands retarget ads, identify high-value customers, and weed out click fraud.

Advertisers also apply Meta's Prediction API to estimate conversion events from ads and recommend optimal media mix and budgets. Additionally, Meta's Ads Manager leverages automation, speech recognition, and NLP to simplify ad creation and management.


Unbxd provides an AI-based SaaS platform for ecommerce search, recommendations, and personalization. The technology understands shopper intent to deliver individualized experiences that boost conversions.

Customers like eBay, Dominos, and Mattel rely on Unbxd's real-time product merchandising, predictive search, and granular segmentation capabilities. On average, Unbxd clients see a 20% revenue lift within the first year.


Infolinks utilizes AI to turn existing marketing content into revenue-generating ads. Their technology analyzes page context to dynamically insert non-intrusive text ad units that drive higher engagement.

Over 50,000 sites use Infolinks to maximize value from their content. Top publishers working with Infolinks have achieved increments exceeding 100% in click through rates and earnings.


AI marketing leverages data, automation, and predictive insights to optimize campaigns for desired goals. As the technology advances, AI marketing companies are driving innovation with tailored solutions that deliver tangible business impact.

Leaders like Albert, Persado, and Conversica are helping brands implement AI for more effective audience targeting, messaging, budget allocation, and forecasting. Other providers are pioneering AI applications for conversational marketing, ecommerce discovery, and advertising.

While human creativity, strategy, and empathy remain essential, AI will continue elevating marketing performance. More brands are already prioritizing partnerships with these emerging AI marketing companies to stay competitive now and into the future.

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