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The Top 11 Attendance Tracking Tools to Monitor Your Team's Attendance


Last Update: Nov. 14, 2023


Managing team attendance is more crucial than ever in today's dynamic business world.

Attendance tracking tools help organizations monitor their employees' work hours, absences, and punctuality to ensure productivity and efficiency.

This comprehensive article will explore what is attendance tracking tool, its importance, and a list of top-notch solutions to enhance your attendance management process.

Definition: What are Attendance Tracking Tools?

Attendance tracking tools are systems designed to monitor and record the presence of individuals in various settings, such as employees in a company or students at a school.

These tools typically record work hours, manage time-off requests, and generate timesheets to facilitate payroll processing.

Ranging from basic tracking features to comprehensive HR platforms, attendance tracking tools are essential in efficiently managing individual attendance and ensuring productivity.

Most attendance tracking tools are cloud-based solutions that provide mobile or online accessibility, and reports generated on the cloud for easy access.

Advanced attendance tracking systems can be equipped with features like GPS location tracking which can be instrumental for organizations with remote or field teams.

The 11 Best Attendance Tracking Tools


Sanka is primarily a digital transformation platform that helps in reducing costs and enhancing productivity within businesses.

While it advertises a wide range of applications and automated workflows, it could potentially be repurposed for attendance tracking, such as automated workflows and integrations.

Users could create workflows meant for tracking attendance and integrate them with other HR tools or databases.

Key Features of Sanka

  • Automated Workflows: Sanka allows unlimited automated workflows. Although not specifically designed for attendance tracking, this capability could be utilized to create and automate attendance-related tasks based on the user's requirements.
  • Integration Capabilities: Sanka supports over 100 integrations with other apps and services. Integrating with HR-based software could potentially allow for more efficient attendance tracking.
  • Data Management through Apps: Sanka provides 20 different business apps which – depending on the software's compatibility and specifications – might be used to manage and process attendance data.


A powerful all-in-one employee application, Connecteam, is designed to streamline internal communication, operations, and professional skills within an organization.

It includes a real-time clock to ensure precise attendance tracking. The app is suitable for varying fields, including hospitality, construction, and retail, among others, and it can be easily implemented in the daily routine without disrupting existing workflows.

This all-in-one employee application also includes a digital employee time clock that is designed to streamline operations and improve internal communication. makes it a valuable tool for remote team management, providing a seamless attendance tracking experience for both employees and managers.

Key Features of Connecteam

  • Real-time Attendance Tracking: The app has an employee time clock that allows team members to clock in and out with a single tap. Managers can track shifts in real time, offering accurate monitoring of the workday.
  • GPS Location Stamps: GPS location stamps help validate the employee location during clock-ins/outs. This feature is beneficial for companies with remote teams or on-field workers.
  • Timesheets: The app generates automatic timesheets that merge with your payroll system. This can streamline the payroll process and help avoid discrepancies.
  • Advanced Reporting: Connecteam offers advanced reporting tools that enable managers to access detailed insights and make data-driven decisions.
  • Employee Scheduling: Managers can easily create and share shifts, dispatch jobs, track availability, and manage sick leaves or vacations with Connecteam.
  • Communication and Engagement Tools: Connecteam offers various communication utilities such as group or individual chats, updates, and employee directories. These foster an engaged work culture and efficient internal communication.


In the realm of attendance tracking tools, TimeCamp garners attention due to its robust feature set and versatility.

TimeCamp is a time-tracking and productivity software that is as effective for freelancers as it is for large enterprises.

It not only tracks time efficiently but also aids in project management, invoicing, reporting, and attendance tracking, offering an all-in-one solution for businesses looking to increase productivity and streamline their processes.

Key Features of TimeCamp

  • Automatic Time Tracking: TimeCamp automatically records time spent on tasks, eliminating the need for manual input and providing accurate work records.
  • Attendance Tracking: It monitors the attendance of team members, tracking when they clock in, clock out, take breaks, and more.
  • Graphic Timesheet: Users can see the breakdown of their day with the graphical timesheet feature, gaining insights about where their time is being spent.
  • Multiple Integrations: TimeCamp integrates with various popular tools and platforms, including project management software and accounting tools, providing a seamless workflow experience.
  • Detailed Reports: It generates detailed reports on employee productivity, tasks, and projects. These reports are invaluable for managing teams and staying informed about project statuses.
  • Invoicing: With the inbuilt invoicing feature, businesses can bill clients directly from the software, creating a seamless passage from tracked time to getting paid.


When discussing efficient attendance tracking tools tailored for contemporary workforces, Timely deserves a special mention.

Timely has revolutionized the attendance tracking domain with its AI-powered approach. It not only facilitates precise tracking of work hours but also promises a user-friendly experience with intuitive controls and design.

Aligning with the needs of freelancers to large-sized enterprises, Timely seamlessly bridges the gap between remote work and traditional office settings.

Key Features of Timely

  • Automated Time Tracking: Timely implements memory-based AI technology to auto-track the time spent across various tasks and applications, ensuring accuracy and effortless recording.
  • Visual Planning: Timely presents attractive visual timelines of tracked data, making work logs easier to comprehend and analyze.
  • Team Time Management: It provides real-time insights into team member schedules, facilitating effective coordination and resource utilization.
  • Integrated Attendance Tracking: Attendance tracking is straightforward with Timely. It monitors logged hours, overtime, holidays, off days, and more.
  • Data Security: Timely values user data security highly. As per their Privacy-by-Design commitment, individual user data is kept private and not accessible to other team members.
  • Cross-Platform Compatibility: Timely can function on multiple operating systems, including Windows, macOS, iOS, and Android, bringing accessibility to your fingertips.


Clockify stands strong as an efficient attendance-tracking tool with its blend of time tracking, reporting, and management features.

Renowned for its easy-to-use interface and rich feature set, Clockify aids in boosting workplace productivity and streamlining processes.

It is designed to accurately track work hours, break times, and annual leave. Catering to all types and sizes of businesses, Clockify gives businesses the tools needed to monitor their employees efficiently.

Key Features of Clockify

  • Time Tracker: Clockify allows users to start and stop the timer as they work on tasks or manually add working hours.
  • Reporting: It generates visual and detailed reports that help provide insights into how employees' work hours are distributed.
  • Project and Task Management: Enables users to create projects and tasks, set hourly rates, and track the time spent on them.
  • Team and Employee Management: It allows monitoring of team activities in real-time, comparing tracked time, and seeing who worked on what.
  • Absence and Leave Tracking: It includes tracking of vacations, sick leaves, and other types of absences.
  • Timesheets: Allows users to log in work hours for each day or week and review timesheets.


Hubstaff proves to be a powerful player in the space of time tracking and productivity management tools.

Known for its robust monitoring features, Hubstaff caters to businesses of all sizes.

It is a software solution built with a comprehensive feature set for accurate tracking of work time, project progress, and productivity metrics.

It's hugely beneficial for businesses aiming to track remote teams’ attendance, monitor their productivity, and streamline payroll and invoicing processes.

Key Features of Hubstaff

  • Time Tracking: Hubstaff allows employees to easily clock in and out, while also automatically tracking time spent on tasks.
  • Online Timesheets: It offers online timesheets that record the time data, making it easy to review and manage.
  • Employee Monitoring: Features like screenshot capturing and app tracking offer detailed insights into employee productivity.
  • Geofencing: This feature automatically starts and stops the time tracking depending on the employee's location.
  • Detailed Reporting: Hubstaff provides in-depth reporting on employee productivity, attendance, and more.
  • Payroll and Invoicing: The software allows for easy payroll management and invoicing based on the accurate time tracked.


Jibble is a cloud-based time and attendance tracking tool that facilitates effective workforce management.

It not only ensures accurate time tracking but also offers compatibility with a variety of devices like desktops, tablets, and mobiles, making it possible for businesses of all sizes to optimize productivity.

Key Features of Jibble

  • Time and Attendance Tracking: Jibble enables precise tracking of employee clock-ins and outs, breaks, and total work hours.
  • Geolocation Logging: Jibble allows tracking of the employee’s location during clock-in and out.
  • Project and Client Billing: It helps trace billable hours per client or project accurately.
  • Timesheets and Reports: The tool generates comprehensive timesheets and data-driven reports to analyze productivity and labor costs.
  • Facial Recognition and QR Scanning: Jibble incorporates bio-metrics and QR scans to prevent proxy attendance and ensure accurate tracking.


BambooHR is an all-in-one HR software solution that aids businesses in effectively managing and automating various HR operations.

With its extensive feature set, BambooHR ensures streamlined attendance tracking, employee onboarding, performance management, and much more, prioritizing convenience and efficiency.

One of the primary features of BambooHR in attendance tracking is its ability to note the clock-in and clock-out times of employees.

This feature contributes to creating accurate and automated timesheets. Moreover, BambooHR allows employees to manually input the time spent on specific projects or tasks.

In addition to these features, BambooHR also offers a mobile app where time tracking can be conveniently done by employees on the go.

This functionality extends to checking timesheets, correcting errors, and logging hours for specific clients, just like on the web app.

An exclusive feature to the mobile app is the use of geolocation, providing managers with a snapshot of the location during clock-ins and outs

Key Features of BambooHR

  • Time-Off Tracking: BambooHR offers comprehensive attendance tracking features, including monitoring of time-off, vacations, sick leaves, and other absences.
  • Employee Self-Service: The tool allows employees to check their attendance records, request time-off, and make updates to personal information, reducing HR administrative tasks.
  • Reports and Analytics: It provides insightful, customizable reports that aid in strategic HR management.
  • Performance Management: BambooHR facilitates performance assessment through goal setting and regular check-ins, aiding in employee development and engagement.
  • Onboarding and Offboarding: Its comprehensive onboarding and offboarding tools guide the employee journey from start to finish.


Deel is a unique platform that aids businesses in hiring, onboarding, paying, and managing international teams.

Its features like contract management, payroll automation, and compliance control cater to the broad scope of HR management, including time and attendance tracking.

Known for primarily streamlining international hiring and payments, Deel also brings the capabilities of an effective attendance-tracking tool.

Whether you're managing an in-house team or remote employees, this software offers features that are specially geared towards fostering productivity and simplifying HR tasks.

Key Features of Deel

  • Attendance Tracking: Deel helps employers track their employee's working hours effectively and accurately, ensuring they comply with their contracts.
  • Contract Management: Deel provides a platform to create legal contracts compliant with the laws of over 150 countries.
  • Custom Workflows: Users can set up custom workflows to manage payment schedules, approval processes, and more.
  • Payroll Automation: The platform enables one-click mass payments, automating the payroll process in multiple currencies.
  • Compliance Control: Deel ensures compliance with labor laws, tax document management, and helps generate year-end reports.


Insightful is a sophisticated workforce analytics tool that also offers productivity-focused tracking features.

The platform aims to improve team productivity by producing actionable insights from work data, whether your teams are working in the office, remotely, or in a hybrid setting.

While the platform offers a range of features aimed at workforce analytics and operational efficiency, it also comes with robust time and attendance tracking capabilities.

Key Features of Insightful

  • Time and Attendance: Insightful helps to automate time and attendance, providing visibility into when your team is working and simplifying shift scheduling.
  • Productivity Management: The platform tracks productivity trends and patterns, aiding in boosting focused work time and preventing employee burnout.
  • Operational Efficiency: Using detailed task and process analysis, Insightful promotes workflow optimization.
  • Remote and Hybrid Work Tools: The product equips you to manage remote or hybrid teams without sacrificing productivity.
  • Technology Usage Analysis: With app and website usage insights, you can optimize your tech stack and understand better how your team gets work done.


ExakTime is a comprehensive cloud-based time and attendance tracking system intended for various business scales and industries.

ExakTime simplifies and automates the tedious task of employee time tracking, resulting in a decrease of time theft, an increase in productivity, and providing businesses valuable insights for better workforce management.

Key Features of ExakTime

  • Time Clock App: ExakTime's mobile app allows employees to clock in and out from their mobile devices, bringing convenience and flexibility to the time tracking process.
  • GPS Tracking: With the built-in GPS time clock feature, employers can verify the location of employees when they clock in or out, ensuring accurate attendance tracking particularly for remote or field workers.
  • Visual Field Intelligence: ExakTime offers an on-the-spot view of your workforce with key metrics, including who is clocked in and where they are located.
  • Cloud-Based Records: All data is stored in a secure, easily accessible, cloud-based system, implying quicker and easier access for administrative and HR staff.
  • Integrations: This system integrates with popular payroll systems, reducing the manual workload and errors by automating payroll processing.


In selecting the ideal attendance tracking tool, consider your company's specific needs.

Do you require advanced HR features or are you only looking for simple clock-in/clock-out tracking? Evaluate your budget too, as costs can vary widely.

Most importantly, consider the ease of use for your staff - a user-friendly interface can smoothen the transition and hasten acceptance.

Investing in a reliable attendance tracking tool can lead to significant improvements in productivity, efficiency, and overall workforce management.

By understanding your organization's specific needs and assessing available options, you can choose the best tool to optimize your attendance management process.

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