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The Top 10 Service (SaaS) Management Tools


Last Update: Nov. 11, 2023


SaaS has become a ubiquitous term in business technology, and for good reason. SaaS platforms are game-changers as they offer a myriad of solutions from streamlining operations to maximizing productivity with minimal upfront costs.

They allow businesses to leverage cutting-edge tech without significant budget investment, making them a popular choice across various industries.

To gain the utmost benefit from these applications, managing them effectively is essential.

Here is an overview of the top 10 SaaS management platforms, each with its unique features, pros, and cons.


Sanka offers comprehensive SaaS management tools that can significantly enhance business productivity and efficiency.

It caters to multiple domains of an organization, making it a suitable choice for businesses looking to automate their workflows.

It also provides a simple and intuitive workflow system, requiring no coding or complex setup, and tailored solutions for businesses.

By doing so, it ensures that SaaS companies can function with increased efficiency, agility, and productivity.

Key Features:

Related Apps and Workflows

Sanka provides related apps and workflows for SaaS companies, like publishing social media posts when new Wordpress content is created, creating bulk invoices, and publishing job postings.

Unlimited Workflows

Sanka allows SaaS companies to automate all their workflows, hence improving agility, innovation, and employee productivity.

Customized Solutions

Sanka delivers customized solutions fit to your business, backed by a dedicated team with years of experience.


Sanka also provides impactful business insights like CRM tools overview, IT asset management tools, Sales Enablement Matters, and how to empower your sales team to close more deals.


BetterCloud is recognized as the leading platform in SaaS management targeting IT teams. Its intensive capacity enables the elimination of up to 78% of SaaS management work, thereby enhancing efficiency.

Specifically, the platform offers capabilities for managing user lifecycle processes, daily operations, and SaaS application access and entitlements in a multi-SaaS environment.

Notably, BetterCloud is valuable for automating innovation by creating SaaS operations streamlined for zero-touch.

The SaaS Management Platform powered by BetterCloud assists IT teams by centralizing the discovery, management, and security of enterprise applications.

Key Features:

SaaS Operations Management

BetterCloud offers an expansive SaaS operations management feature that enables businesses to manage users, data, and applications efficiently.

It helps in identifying critical issues, dealing with daily tasks, and making data-driven decisions.

Workflow Automation

This feature empowers businesses to automate and secure user lifecycle management.

Complex processes, including onboarding and offboarding, across multiple SaaS applications can be streamlined into simple, automated steps.

Directory Integration

With BetterCloud, enterprises can connect their user directory to benefit from automated deprovisioning, cross-application groups, and enforcement of access policies.

Supported directories include G Suite, Office 365, Slack, and more.

Data Loss Prevention

BetterCloud's data loss prevention (DLP) capabilities allow businesses to secure sensitive information across all their SaaS applications.

Alerts can be set up for unauthorized sharing or unsecure storage locations, aiding in prompt remediation.

Insider Threat Management

BetterCloud offers continuous monitoring and real-time alerts, thus identifying and neutralizing potential risks.

Unusual logins, downloading large volumes of data, unauthorized data sharing - these activities can be swiftly detected.

Extensive Integration

BetterCloud integrates with a wide range of popular SaaS applications, allowing businesses to manage and secure all their SaaS applications conveniently from a single platform.


Zluri is a cloud-native SaaS Operations (SaaSOps) platform that serves modern enterprises by providing SaaS Management and Identity Governance.

By integrating these diverse facets, Zluri ensures that businesses attain maximum visibility into their software as a service (SaaS) ecosystems, thereby enabling them to effectively manage, optimize, and automate their operations.

Its range of features, from a centralized management platform to IT task automation and identity governance, proves invaluable to businesses.

Key Features:

Centralized SaaS Management

Zluri allows businesses to bring all their SaaS applications under a single platform for easy visibility and effective management.

Identity and Governance

With Zluri’s cloud Identity Governance Administration (IGA), access to SaaS applications for the identity perimeter is controlled and governed securely.

Shadow IT Recognition

Zluri’s platform shines a light on shadow IT. The platform uncovers unknown or unproven technologies that are being used within an organization without approval, ensuring better alignment and control over the entire IT stack.

Spend Optimization

Zluri empowers businesses to keep track of their SaaS subscriptions and optimize spending by identifying unused, underused, or redundant software licenses.

Automating IT Tasks

Zluri simplifies the mundane and recurring IT tasks, such as onboarding and offboarding of employees, by automating them.


Torii is a SaaS (Software as a Service) management platform designed to aid businesses in discovering, optimizing, and controlling their SaaS usage.

Built exclusively for IT and procurement teams, Torii offers a comprehensive array of features to help streamline management tasks associated with SaaS applications and maintain a strong focus on license management and SaaS management automation.

Torii stands out as a potent SaaS management tool that offers key features aimed at providing efficiency, cost savings, and improved management for businesses. While the setup can be complex, the array of capabilities offered by Torii make it an excellent choice for businesses of various sizes.

Key Features:

Automated Discovery

Torii unearths all SaaS applications being used within an organization by scanning across various sources. This keeps IT and procurement teams aware of the exact SaaS landscape within the organization, thereby ensuring informed decision-making.

SaaS Optimization

Torii provides valuable insights into app usage patterns, highlighting potential inefficiencies, redundancies, and unused licenses. With these insights, businesses can optimize their SaaS stack and identify potential cost-saving opportunities.

Lifecycle Management

The platform takes a holistic approach to SaaS management by overseeing the entire lifecycle of applications. From procurement and onboarding to offboarding and renewals, Torii can effectively automate and manage SaaS-related workflows.

ITSM Integration

Torii is compatible with many IT Service Management (ITSM) systems, which simplifies and unifies SaaS management operations. This integration ensures seamless movement of data and tasks across platforms.

Compliance Assistance

Torii aids businesses in achieving regulatory compliance by offering robust tracking and management features for sensitive data access. This minimizes the risk of non-compliance penalties and ensures security.


SailPoint is a powerful tool for organizations to manage SaaS ecosystems, providing robust identity and access management.

Its in-depth features range from identity governance and real-time password management to automated compliance controls.

SailPoint, as a SaaS Management Tool, provides a comprehensive solution for organizations to discover, manage, and secure their SaaS applications.

By offering a centralized platform, it enables businesses to identify all access points and derive insights about users interacting with these applications.

SailPoint SaaS Management helps organizations broaden their identity security visibility to uncover and mitigate hidden access risks stemming from shadow IT and over-provisioned accounts.

Key Features:

Identity Governance

SailPoint provides industry-leading identity governance capabilities. The platform visualizes user access, making it easier to detect and prevent inappropriate access and potential risks.

Cloud Identity

SailPoint simplifies the management of cloud identities by unifying access to cloud, on-premise, and mobile access management.

Password and Access Management

With SailPoint, companies have the control to grant, change, and monitor user access in real-time – providing greater security and satisfaction for the end-users.

Automated Compliance Controls

SailPoint automates compliance processes like access certifications, policy enforcement, and access requests. It helps businesses meet industry rules and regulations while saving time and minimizing human error.


Zylo is a leading SaaS Management and Optimization Platform that offers businesses solutions to manage their software as a service (SaaS) applications more effectively.

Zylo aims to optimize the business technology stack for greater visibility and control.

Key services provided by Zylo include real-time visibility into all SaaS use in an organization, automated compliance tracking, and usage/engagement tracking.

The platform provides a single source of truth for SaaS applications, licenses, and user data, thereby simplifying business operations related to SaaS management.

It's a powerful platform offering key features: from comprehensive discovery of SaaS applications to effective spend and usage tracking, compliance and risk management, and seamless integration capabilities.

Key Features:

SaaS Discovery

Zylo automates the discovery of SaaS applications within an organization, providing a holistic view of all SaaS tools being used. Zylo simplifies this typically complex process, offering essential insights and comprehensive visibility into your organization's SaaS inventory.

SaaS Spend and Usage Analytics

Zylo's platform offers granular insights into SaaS spend at an organizational level. This includes tracking of the costs, licenses, and utilization of each SaaS application. These insights help businesses optimize their software investments and identify underutilized or redundant tools.

Compliance and Risk Management

Zylo takes on compliance and risk management, helping organizations ensure their SaaS applications' adherence to compliance requirements and data privacy regulations.

Workflow Integrations

Zylo works in harmony with a wide variety of other systems, including HRIS, IT Service Management, and Directory Services. These integrations help simplify operational processes like onboarding, offboarding of applications, and data sharing.

Vendor Management

Zylo also offers vendor management features, streamlining the process of managing vendor communication, contract negotiation, and vendor risk assessment.


Basaas is an innovative Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) management platform that helps organizations manage and optimize their SaaS stack.

It centralizes SaaS management tasks, providing businesses with a comprehensive overview of their software application use and offering critical insights into their technology investments.

It is used by businesses across a wide range of sectors, including healthcare, insurance, legal, and other professional services.

As a SaaS management tool, Basaas offers unique solutions primarily focused on task and project management. It boasts a unified digital workspace that simplifies SaaS and link management while providing ease of integration.

Key Features:

Integrated Digital Workspace

Basaas offers a unified digital workspace, creating a single point of access for all your SaaS tools. It allows employees to access their apps, toolsets, and shared resources efficiently from one place. This helps in increasing productivity and enhancing collaboration among team members.

SaaS Discovery and Visualization

With Basaas, you can discover all the SaaS applications being used within your organization, providing insight and control over the total SaaS landscape. This visibility is crucial for strategic decision-making and can help identify any redundant or underused apps.

App Usage and Optimization

Basaas provides detailed analytics on app usage. It gives insights into how often an app is being used, by whom, and for how long. These insights can help identify unused software, minimize wasted resources, and guide decisions about whether to renew or cancel an app subscription.

SaaS Spend Management

Basaas helps control SaaS spend by providing detailed reports on the spending of each SaaS app. It tracks each payment and correlates it with the usage insights to uncover possible cost-saving opportunities.

Integration Capabilities

Basaas integrates with popular software applications like Asana, Jira, ClickUp, and Meistertask. These integrations streamline the process of switching between apps and ensure seamless collaboration and increased productivity.


Flexera is a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) platform that offers IT management solutions, specifically designed for businesses with complex hybrid environments.

By giving organizations visibility into their IT estates, Flexera provides data-driven insights across on-premises, SaaS, and cloud technologies

Flexera offers a variety of solutions, including Flexera One, a SaaS solution that allows organizations to visualize their Enterprise Technology Blueprint™ from on-premises to SaaS to containers to the cloud.

Their suite also includes IT visibility, IT asset management, cloud migration and modernization, and cloud cost optimization solutions.

Flexera also stands out for its dedication to security. The Secunia Research team at Flexera consists of security specialists who conduct vulnerability research on various products.

Key Features:

IT Asset Management

Flexera offers comprehensive IT asset management. By delivering full visibility into your IT assets across several environments, it helps businesses improve decision making and thereby reduce costs, diminish security risks and ensure compliance with the rules.

Cloud Cost Optimization

Flexera offers capabilities to manage and govern cloud resource costs. It enables businesses to monitor, analyze, and optimize their cloud usage to curtail wastage and unnecessary expenses. Companies can track spending trends, get cost forecasts, and receive recommendations on potential savings.

Software Vulnerability Management

With Flexera, businesses can identify and manage software vulnerabilities effectively. Its Secunia Research offers in-depth system and application vulnerability intelligence, aiding businesses in maintaining a secure environment.

SaaS Management

Flexera's SaaS management solution provides intensive insights into SaaS subscriptions, usage data, and spend. With this feature, companies can effectively observe and manage their SaaS investments, spot underutilized subscriptions and prevent overspending.

Cloud Migration and Modernization

Flexera assists businesses in modernizing their IT landscape through efficient cloud migration. It provides tools to identify applications suitable for migration, model different options, and manage the migration process.


Certero is a unified IT Hardware, Software, SaaS, and Cloud asset management platform.

Designed specifically to modernize and streamline the way businesses manage their IT assets, Certero provides a single, intelligent platform to manage multiple legacy systems concurrently.

In addition, Certero offers an automated policy-based Software Asset Management (SAM) system, aimed at minimizing manual intervention.

It provides significant automation, a unified ITAM suite, effective SaaS management, and several other essential tools.

While certain complexities in deployment and a potentially high pricing model are considerations, the wide range of features it offers represent highly competitive assets in the realm of SaaS and IT management solutions.

Key Features:

Unified IT Asset Management

One of the flagship features of Certero is its unified IT asset management (ITAM) toolset. This advanced feature provides complete visibility of entire IT assets across hardware, software, on-premise, cloud, and mobile devices. The unified view simplifies asset management and helps in strategic decision-making.

SaaS Management

Certero provides a detailed overview of Software as a Service (SaaS) subscriptions, usage, costs, and contracts. It helps businesses understand their SaaS footprint, thereby ensuring better control over subscriptions and minimizing overspending risks.

Cloud Asset Management

With Certero, organizations can gain control over their cloud environment. The cloud asset management feature provides necessary insights, allows for efficient use of resources, and offers cost-saving through optimization.

Mobile Device Management

Certero gives you the ability to manage your mobile device portfolio effectively. This aids businesses in maintaining an inventory of all mobile devices, ensures policy compliance, and safeguards enterprise data.

Automated Software Asset Management (SAM)

Certero provides an automated policy-based SAM system. The automation tool minimizes manual intervention, reduces errors, and improves efficiency, thus saving considerable time and resources.


ActivTrak is a cloud-based SaaS management tool designed to empower teams with data-driven productivity insights.

It is built to provide analytics, user behavior data, and workforce productivity insights that can help businesses optimize performance and productivity.

As a SaaS, ActivTrak's strength lies in its instant visibility into productivity and engagement of employees.

This facilitates making decisions that lead to better outcomes in people, process, and technology aspects.

ActivTrak's use of data-driven insights assists in enhancing productivity, mitigating risks of disengagement or burnout, optimizing technology usage, and balancing workloads

Key Features:

User Behavior Analytics

ActivTrak specializes in user behavior analytics. It tracks real-time events and user behavior data to improve workflow and enhance productivity.

Workforce Productivity Insights

Through the data collected and analyzed, ActivTrak offers insightful reports on workforce productivity, offering a clear picture of work habits, helping to identify bottlenecks, and uncovering trends that contribute to organizational productivity.

Real-time Reporting

ActivTrak offers real-time reporting. This feature allows team managers and stakeholders to understand how employees interact with work tools in real-time, enabling them to make immediate decisions.

Alarms & Alerts

ActivTrak can be configured to create alarms for user activities that diverge from the norm, helping to mitigate data breaches and ensure security policy adherence. It will also notify admins of any unusual or suspicious user behavior.

Cloud-Based & Secure

As a cloud-based software, ActivTrak is easily accessible from anywhere. ActivTrak also provides a secure platform for data with stringent security measures in place.


Overall, each SaaS management platform brings a unique set of benefits and potential drawbacks.

When choosing your platform, you need to consider a variety of factors - from your budget and business size to the type of IT management capabilities your enterprise requires.

By considering your specific business needs, you can select the SaaS management platform most suitable for your scenario, helping you maximize productivity and efficiency.

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