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The Top 9 FinOps Tools to Manage Your Cloud


Last Update: Feb. 3, 2024


As businesses increasingly shift operations to the cloud, managing and optimizing cloud costs has become a critical aspect.

This is precisely where FinOps tools come into play - they provide visibility into cloud spending, help track resource utilization, and aid in budgeting and forecasting.

Are you ready to take the reins of your cloud costs and skyrocket your efficiency?

Get comfy as we dive into the world of FinOps and unveil the top 9 tools that can revolutionize the way you manage your cloud expenses.

And yes, keep an eye out for Sanka— the all-in-one automation management system!

1. AWS Cost Explorer: Your Financial GPS

At the helm of cloud finance management solutions, AWS Cost Explorer seamlessly navigates your expenses within the AWS environment.

Acting as a trusted FinOps counsel, Cost Explorer empowers users to analyze and manage AWS costs and usage over time.

It provides a user-friendly interface, allowing you to visualize, understand, and manage your costs effortlessly.

Key Features

  • Easy Access & Control: AWS Cost Explorer integrates directly into the AWS Toolkit for JetBrains. It allows you to manage connections, switch AWS regions, and control Lambda functions and CloudFormation stacks in your accounts.
  • Customizable View: Tailor your AWS Explorer to your needs. Whether you require quick access or need to save workspace, the tool window can be adjusted, moved, resized, or even removed to suit users' preferences.
  • Cost Management: AWS Cost Explorer offers a granular breakdown of your AWS expenditure over diverse services and timelines. Derive valuable insight that aids in budgeting and forecasting.


  • Seamless integration with AWS ecosystem
  • User-friendly interface
  • Robust forecasting features


  • Limited support for non-AWS services

2. Azure Cost Management + Billing: Your Azure Ally

Microsoft's Azure Cost Management and Billing is a top-tier tool that simplifies the complex task of managing and optimizing cloud costs.

Its user-friendly interface caters to businesses of all sizes, giving them better insights and control over their cloud expenditure.

For those sailing the Azure seas, this tool is your go-to mate. It brings clarity to your expenses, optimizing your cloud usage for maximum value.

Key Features

  • Cost Analysis: It delivers comprehensive cost breakdowns, allowing users to monitor, allocate, and optimize cloud expenditures with precision.
  • Cost Optimization: Azure Cost Management identifies underutilized resources, guiding users on how to save on costs and improve efficiency.
  • Billing Alerts: This feature alerts users when the spending exceeds defined budgets, ensuring financial control & transparency.


  • Comprehensive Azure cost management
  • Powerful budgeting and alerting features
  • Integration with other Microsoft services


  • Learning curve for beginners

3. Google Cloud's Cost Management Tools: Smart Savings, Smart Business

In the era of cloud computing, cost management is paramount. Google Cloud's Cost Management tools serve as a smart guide for businesses, turning intricate cloud finance data into actionable insights, which is vital for strategic decision-making and maximizing return on investment.

It ensures comprehensive insights into cost trends and forecasts. It promotes accountability, enables cost control through robust governance policies, and provides optimization recommendations to ensure cost-efficiency and business agility.

Key Features

  • Resource hierarchy and Access Controls: Structure your cloud resources for detailed management and allocate costs effectively with granular permissions.
  • Reports, Dashboards, Budgets, and Alerts: These tools offer visual representations of your spending and send alerts for budget thresholds, ensuring you stay within financial limits.
  • Recommendations: Receive customized suggestions for cost optimization to boost efficiency and savings.
  • Billing Export: Automate data export for deeper cost analysis using your preferred tools.


  • Integration with Google Cloud’s infrastructure offers an intuitive and harmonious experience.
  • Intelligent optimization recommendations are tailor-made to help reduce costs and improve efficiency.
  • Automated actions prevent budget overruns, safeguarding against unexpected costs.


  • Designed specifically for the Google Cloud Platform, it doesn’t cater to multi-cloud environments.
  • The depth of features available can require a steep learning curve for new users.

4. CloudHealth by VMware: Streamlined Efficiency

Keep your cloud health in check with CloudHealth. Previously known as VMware's CloudHealth, the platform has been reborn as VMware Tanzu CloudHealth, under the Tanzu Intelligence Services umbrella.

Renowned for providing intelligent insights, CloudHealth optimizes costs, enforces governance, and helps establish Cloud Centers of Excellence (CCoE).

It provides insights into your multi-cloud environment, ensuring optimized efficiency across the board.

Key Features

  • Financial Management Reporting: Allows organizations to allocate spending by cost centers and keeps financial control by setting and maintaining budgets.
  • Operation Streamlining: Users can create custom policies for automated cloud operation, which expedites decision-making and reduces risks.
  • Security & Compliance Strengthening: Offers tools to visualize, investigate, and mitigate vulnerabilities through an understanding of resource relationships and configurations.


  • Consolidated View: Acts as a single platform combining various cloud services for comprehensive management.
  • Customization: Enables tailored policies and reports suited to specific business needs.
  • Industry Recognition: Named a leader in multicloud financial management platforms.


  • Learning Curve: While powerful, it might require some time to master due to its depth of features.
  • Platform Specific: Initially tailored for VMware environments, though it has expanded to support others, it may favor those already nested in VMware ecosystems.

5. Apptio Cloudability: Cloud Costs, Simplified

Apptio Cloudability takes the complexity out of cloud costs.

Apptio Cloudability offers a unified financial view of cloud expenses, helps in implementing budgets, and provides forecasting that can be tailored for IT finance teams, business leaders, and DevOps.

It enables strategic decision-making based on accurate cloud spend allocation and optimization.

Key Features

  • Financial Planning: Guides forecasting and strategic decision-making.
  • Cost Allocation: Ensures accurate chargebacks with comprehensive cost allocation tools, including for containers.
  • Rightsizing & Optimization: Identifies cost-saving opportunities and inefficiencies across major cloud services.


  • Granular Allocation: Allocates all costs, promoting full transparency.
  • Strategic Insights: Correlates costs to business value for investment decisions.
  • Tailored Services: Professional services available for a customized approach to your specific needs.


  • Complexity: May be overwhelming for new users without proper training.
  • Specific Focus: Primarily suited for organizations focused on in-depth financial tracking and attribution of cloud spend.

6. Densify: Intelligent Cloud Optimization

For businesses seeking flexible and intelligent cost management in the cloud, Densify offers a practical solution.

Densify leaves behind the "best guess" approach and brings in machine learning to tackle cost optimization in the cloud, delivering a more precise and cost-effective approach for businesses.

It accommodates for the varying demands of your application resources, making robust infrastructure decisions by understanding your workloads.

Key Features

  • Rightsizing: It suggests optimally-sized resources for your workloads.
  • Automated Cost Anomaly Detection: Densify identifies and alerts of cost spikes.
  • Storage Optimization: Recommends the most cost-effective storage options based on usage patterns.
  • Unutilized Resources Identification: It points out idle resources which can be eliminated to save costs, such as IP addresses.


  • Deep Learning: Machine learning offers more accurate cost forecasting and management by understanding your resources' behavior.
  • Automated Optimization: Reduces human error and increases efficiency by automating cost savings.
  • Multi-cloud: Supports AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud, providing flexibility.


  • Learning Curve: It might seem complex initially. Users may require some time to understand how to efficiently use the tool.
  • Limited Integration: Though it supports major cloud platforms, some users might find their preferred cloud providers unsupported.

7. Trek10 Cloud Cost Estimator: Plan Your Cloud Adventure

Planning your cloud journey? Trek10's Cloud Cost Estimator assists you in predicting costs, ensuring a smooth and budget-friendly expedition.

When it comes to managing your organization's financial cloud journey, having a reliable FinOps tool becomes indispensable.

Trek10 provides tailored solutions for cost estimation and optimization. As a consulting and service firm, they primarily focus on easing AWS cloud adoption with emphasis on solving complex cloud infrastructural challenges.

Key Features

  • Expert Analysis: Trek10’s AWS expertise suggests it delivers in-depth cloud cost analyses.
  • Security Focus: Security assessments imply a financial structure that emphasizes secure cloud investments.
  • AWS Specialization: Focused skill set in AWS services likely translates to more accurate AWS cost estimations.


  • Concentrated AWS Experience: Deep dive services into AWS, indicating the qualitative cost estimations for AWS resources.
  • Security-Driven: With free IBM security assessments, security is a pivotal part of cost estimation, ensuring no financial leakages occur due to breaches.
  • Comprehensive Support: Broad spectrum of AWS-related services that suggest the ability to provide robust cost management strategies.


  • Limited Information: Without direct information on the cost estimator tool, the benefits, features, and limitations are unclear.
  • AWS Exclusive: A strong focus on AWS might mean limited functionalities for other cloud providers.
  • Assumed Estimator Tool: Since Trek10 doesn’t advertise a specific cost estimator tool directly, services may be part of larger consulting engagements rather than a stand-alone product.

8. CloudCheckr: Comprehensive Cloud Management

As part of Spot by NetApp’s portfolio, CloudCheckr caters to enterprises and managed service providers (MSPs) looking to manage, reduce costs, and optimize cloud resources effectively.

It is your all-in-one cloud management tool. From security to compliance, it's your trusted partner in maintaining a well-organized and cost-effective cloud environment.

By providing deep visibility and analytics combined with hundreds of best practice checks, this tool ensures operational efficiencies, cost reduction, and compliance with governance and security standards.

Key Features

  • Actionable Visibility: Detailed insights into cloud spending and resource usage.
  • Cost Optimization: Identifies right-sizing and rebalancing opportunities to cut costs.
  • Resource Efficiency: Tracks consumption trends to minimize waste.
  • Chargeback/Showback: Accurately assigns cloud costs to relevant business units or projects.
  • Security and Compliance: Automated identification and remediation of vulnerabilities.


  • Comprehensive Management: Offers extensive features covering multiple aspects of cloud management.
  • Cost Reduction: Active cost optimization capabilities which can cut cloud spend significantly.
  • Security Assurance: Continuous security checks help maintain compliance and protect against threats.


  • Complexity for New Users: With its range of features, it may be overwhelming for beginners.
  • Potentially Overwhelming Data: The sheer volume of insights provided can require expert analysis.

9. Sanka: Elevate Your FinOps Journey

Enter Sanka— Cost reduction, time-saving, revenue growth. All on one platform!

With a suite of tools and automated solutions, Sanka simplifies FinOps strategies, promoting business efficiency and productivity.

Sanka, developed through 10 years of E-commerce consulting experiences, streamlines all your revenue work from sales, commerce to customer service.

As an end-to-end solution for E-commerce management, Sanka effectively integrates stores, ads, payments, and social aspects to streamline your operations.

Not only this - with Sanka, you can use all your favorite tools listed and manage them all in one space with our cloud management business application - now you can work in a way that suits you best whilst managing it effectively.

Key Features

  • Integrated Ecosystem: Sanka consolidates stores, ads, payments, and social platforms for efficient operation.
  • E-commerce Consulting: Offers consulting services to guide businesses in their E-commerce ventures.
  • Onboarding Support: Provides migration services, onboarding team, and 24/7 issue resolution by a dedicated success team.


  • Comprehensive Tool: Consolidates all E-commerce tools, saving costs.
  • Efficiency Boost: Automates processes, freeing up valuable time for strategic tasks.
  • Strong Support: Free migration services and 24/7 support to ensure seamless transition and operation.


  • E-commerce Specific: Primarily focused on E-commerce businesses, limiting its applications for other industries.
  • Less Transparent Pricing: A lack of detailed pricing information on the website might require direct contact for specifics.


In the dynamic world of FinOps, these tools pave the way for effective cost management.

While selecting a FinOps tool, it's crucial to match the tool's features with your specific business needs and existing cloud setup.

Whether it is cost visibility, budgeting, or optimization, these tools provide a range of capabilities that can significantly enhance your FinOps journey, leading to optimal cloud cost management and a positive return on your cloud investments.

With Sanka by your side, efficiency and productivity become more than just buzzwords.

Now, are you ready to revolutionize your cloud management? Will you embrace these tools and let Sanka supercharge your FinOps journey? Sign up to Sanka now!

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