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ROAS Mastery: How to Get the Most From Your Ad Spend


Last Update: June 30, 2023

What you will get from this article

  • Understand the definition of ROAS and why it matters for your business
  • Know how to calculate ROAS
  • Explore tips for mastering ROAS


Hey there, ambitious entrepreneur. You’ve been hustling hard to make your business dreams a reality but your advertising spend isn’t giving you the results you expected.

You pour money into ads each month but your return on ad spend or ROAS seems lackluster. Don’t worry, you’re not alone.

Maximizing your ROAS is an art form that takes time to master. But with a few key tips, you can start boosting your ROAS and finally gain the traction you need.

This article will show you how to analyze your ad data, optimize for conversions, choose the right metrics to track and adjust your campaigns to get the highest ROAS possible.

By the end, you’ll have actionable strategies to implement so you can stop wasting money on ads that don’t deliver and start gaining real returns. Sound good? Then let’s dive in. Your ROAS mastery starts now.

What Is ROAS and Why It Matters

So what exactly is ROAS and why should you care? ROAS stands for Return on Ad Spend, and it's the metric that tells you how much revenue you're generating for every dollar you spend on ads.

It helps you understand how much revenue your ads are generating for your business, relative to the amount you're spending on advertising.

In other words, it's how you know if your advertising budget is working for you or against you.

A good ROAS means you're making more money from your ads than you're putting into them.

For example, if you spend $100 on ads and make $200 in revenue, your ROAS would be 2:1. Not too shabby!

On the other hand, if you only make $50 back, your ROAS would be 0.5:1 and you'd probably want to make some changes.

The higher your ROAS, the more profitable your ads are. And in today's competitive market, maximizing your ROAS is essential.

Having a high ROAS is essential for the growth and profitability of your business, as it indicates that your advertising efforts are generating a positive return on investment (ROI).

A higher ROAS means that your ads are resonating with your target audience and driving conversions, making your ad spend more justified and effective.

A few points of improvement in your ROAS can mean tens of thousands of dollars back in your pocket at the end of the year.

  • Focus on your targeting. Reach the people most likely to convert.
  • Optimize your creativity. Test different images, copy, headlines, and placements to see what resonates most with your audience.
  • Choose the right bidding strategy. Consider bidding for conversions or target CPA to maximize your ROAS.
  • Analyze and refine. Constantly check your metrics and make incremental improvements to your campaigns. Even small wins can add up to big results over time.

Using tools like Sanka to automate and optimize your ROAS efforts is key.

Sanka provides advanced features to help you target the right audiences, optimize your creative and bidding, and gain actionable insights to enhance your ROAS over the long run.

Mastering your ROAS is well worth the investment. After all, what could you do with an extra 20-30% of revenue?

How to Calculate Your ROAS

To get the most out of your ad spend, you need to calculate your ROAS (Return on Ad Spend).

ROAS measures how much revenue you generate from your ad campaigns compared to how much you spend on them. The higher your ROAS, the better.

To calculate your ROAS, you'll need two numbers:

  • Your total ad spend over a period of time (like a month). This includes money spent on ads, agency or tool fees, and other costs.
  • The revenue generated from those ad campaigns over the same period. This should be a direct result of people clicking or viewing your ads.

Once you have those numbers, the formula is simple:

ROAS = Revenue / Ad Spend

For example, if you spent $10,000 on ads last month and made $30,000 in revenue from those ads, your ROAS would be:

$30,000 (Revenue) / $10,000 (Ad Spend) = 3

So your ROAS is 3, meaning for every $1 you spend on ads, you're making $3 in revenue. Not too shabby!

The key is tracking your numbers accurately. Use a tool like Sanka that connects your ad accounts to your analytics and revenue data.

That way you can see exactly how much revenue each ad campaign is driving and optimize to improve your ROAS over time.

With regular monitoring and optimization, you'll be boosting your ROAS and maximizing the return from each dollar you spend on advertising.

Mastering ROAS is key to sustainable business growth, so make it a priority and you'll reap the rewards.

Optimizing Your Ads for Higher ROAS

To maximize your ROAS, you need to optimize your ads. Here are some tips to improve your ads and boost those returns:

Focus on Relevance

The more relevant your ads are to what people are searching for, the higher your CTR and conversion rates will be.

Use keywords and phrases in your ad copy that match the search term. Include the product name or key benefits to catch attention.

The headline and preview text are the most important—make them compelling!

Highlight the Benefits

Tell people why they should click and buy from you. Focus on the key benefits and solutions your product or service provides.

Use power words like “save, discover, get, improve, love” to highlight benefits. Keep your message clear and concise.

  • Save up to 50% on your utility bills
  • Discover the fastest way to learn Spanish
  • Get your custom website up and running in just 5 days

Use Numbers and Facts

Include numbers, stats, ratings, or facts in your ad copy to build trust and credibility. Mention things like:

  • 97% customer satisfaction rating
  • Over 2 million happy customers
  • 10+ years of experience
  • 60-day money-back guarantee

Optimize for Different Devices

With more people searching on their mobile devices, you need to optimize your ads for smaller screens.

Use large text, minimal graphics, and a simple layout. Only include the most important information.

The headline should capture attention on its own since preview text may be hidden on mobiles.

Continuously Test and Improve

Run A/B testing on your ads to see which variations perform better. Make small changes to the headline, image, call to action, or layout and measure the differences in CTR and conversion rate.

Over time, the incremental improvements can significantly impact your ROAS. Review reports regularly and make changes to underperforming ads.

Optimizing and improving your ads is an ongoing process. But by focusing on relevance, highlighting benefits, using numbers, and optimizing for devices, you'll be well on your way to greater ROAS success.

Managing Your Ad Budget for Maximum ROAS

Set a Realistic Budget

When determining your ad budget, it’s important to start with a number you can actually afford to spend each month.

Many businesses make the mistake of setting an overly ambitious budget that isn’t sustainable.

As a result, they end up spending less than they budgeted for, reducing their potential ROAS.

A good rule of thumb is to start small and scale up as you see results. You may want to allocate 10-15% of your monthly revenue to advertising to begin with.

Track your results and then increase or decrease from there based on your ROAS and revenue goals.

  • If ROAS is high, you can likely increase your budget.
  • If ROAS is low, look for ways to optimize before increasing spend.

Focus on High-Performing Campaigns

Not all of your advertising campaigns will perform equally well. Some may achieve a ROAS of 5:1 or higher, while others struggle to break even.

Focus the bulk of your budget on the campaigns that are delivering the best results.

  • Pause underperforming campaigns and re-evaluate your targeting and creativity.
  • Increase budgets for star campaigns to scale their success.
  • Duplicate high-performing campaigns to find new audiences.

Use Automation to Optimize

Manually managing ad campaigns is tedious and time-consuming, and human errors are common.

Using an automation tool like Sanka can help take much of the legwork out of optimization and free your time to focus on strategy.

Sanka offers features like automated bid adjustments, budget reallocation, and pausing of underperforming ads.

Its machine-learning algorithms can analyze huge amounts of data to find the optimal settings for maximizing your ROAS.

Automation is a smart way to enhance your results without increasing your workload.

With a strategic budget, focus on what’s working, and smart automation, you'll be well on your way to ROAS mastery and greater success from your advertising spend.

Keep making incremental improvements and stay on top of the latest strategies, and you'll continue achieving new heights of return on your investment.

Key Takeaways for Mastering ROAS

Focus on Relevance and Intent

To boost your ROAS, make sure your ads are relevant to what people are searching for.

Align your ads and landing pages with the intent behind the search query.

Your landing page should then provide details on how your product meets their needs.

Irrelevant or misleading ads will only lead to poor user experience and higher bounce rates which hurt your ROAS.

Optimize for Conversions

Once you’ve got the right traffic clicking your ads, you need to optimize for conversions.

A high click-through rate means nothing if visitors don’t take action on your site. Make your calls to action clear and compelling.

Place them strategically on your landing pages above the fold and near the bottom.

Refine Your Bidding Strategy

As you analyze performance data, adjust your bids to maximize ROAS. If some keywords or audiences are generating lots of clicks but few sales, lower your bids for those terms.

If other keywords or audiences are producing a higher-than-average conversion rate, consider raising your bids to gain more impressions and clicks.

Constantly optimizing your bids based on performance is key to improving ROAS over time.

Enhance Account Structure

A well-organized account structure allows for more granular bid management and reporting.

Group similar keywords, audiences, and ads into tightly themed ad groups and campaigns.

You'll gain insight into which messaging and targeting are most effective. Make adjustments at the ad group or keyword level to improve results.

A simplified account structure also reduces management time so you can focus on strategy rather than organization.

Review Regularly and Make Changes

Don't set and forget your campaigns. Review performance weekly or monthly and make incremental changes to boost your ROAS.

Pause underperforming keywords and ads. Add new keywords and create fresh ad copy.

Test different landing pages. Try new match types or bidding strategies.

Continuous optimization and experimentation are what ultimately lead to ROAS mastery.

With tools like Sanka to streamline processes, you'll achieve greater returns without increasing workload.


You've come this far, so you must be serious about maximizing your ad spend and achieving the best possible ROAS.

Now that you're armed with these proven strategies and techniques, you have everything you need to start optimizing your campaigns and seeing real results.

Don't get overwhelmed — pick one area to focus on, make a plan, and execute. See how it impacts your key metrics, then move on to the next tactic.

Continuous testing and learning is the key. Keep at it, stay on top of the latest trends, and never stop looking for ways to improve.

If you do that, you'll be dominating your ROAS in no time. The work is worth it — your business growth and bottom line will thank you. Now get out there and make the most of every ad dollar!

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