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What is Social Selling? Basic Knowledge of SNS Sales for Beginner


Last Update: April 30, 2023

Recently, SNS (social networking services) has become an essential tool not only in private life but also in business. Companies that can fully utilize SNS are likely to survive in the future.

Many people already understand the importance of SNS, but some may not be familiar with the term "SNS sales." Companies that want to acquire new customers and expand their customer base proactively need to know about SNS sales.

This website explains the basic knowledge of SNS sales in an easy-to-understand manner. If you want to know more about SNS sales, please read on to the end.

What are SNS Sales?

SNS sales refer to using social networking services such as Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube for sales activities.

As personal information such as names, company names, educational backgrounds, family structure, and age is registered on SNS, sales activities can be carried out efficiently. By checking profiles and posts, it is possible to easily conduct sales by following or sending messages if the user is identified as a target audience.

To increase the success rate of sales, companies should use SNS to promote their products or services. By gaining trust through information dissemination and conveying offers, sales activities can be more efficient than face-to-face or telephone sales.

Specific Methods of SNS Sales

If you want to practice SNS sales but don't know specific methods, keep in mind the following:

  • Set objectives
  • Select a target audience
  • Emphasize content rather than follower numbers
  • Use it as a communication tool

Using SNS without proper planning and operation to carry out sales activities towards the target audience is meaningless. Here are some specific methods for using SNS for sales.

Set Objectives

First and foremost, objective setting is crucial. Determine what purpose the SNS sales will serve and specify how fast and to what type of customers you want to meet.

Setting clear objectives reduces confusion about the operation, and by setting a final goal, you can measure the exact distance to the goal.

Select a Target Audience

Choose a target audience simultaneously with objective setting. Imagine what kind of people in which age group you want to use your company's services or products. By narrowing down the target, the axis of content dissemination is determined, and more useful information dissemination is possible.

Emphasize Content Rather Than Follower Numbers

When using SNS, it is easy to focus on increasing the number of followers, but the number of followers is not important.

Of course, by increasing the number of followers, you can make more people aware of the company's products. However, even if people who are not interested in the company's products or people outside the target audience follow, the final outcome will not increase.

Therefore, the content of the posts is more critical than the number of followers. If the post content appeals to the purpose and target audience, the effect of sales is higher.

Use It as a Communication Tool

Once you get used to disseminating information, it is recommended to use SNS as a communication tool.

Post daily messages that speak directly to the target persona. This makes the content resonate with each individual and brings the reader closer. Actively taking advantage of the direct message function and communicating is also essential.

Successful Examples of SNS Sales


Here are some specific examples of success in sales using SNS. Practicing similar industries or methods will be helpful for promoting your product. Please execute while considering how to apply them.

Partner Success Inc. – Acquired 100 appointments via Facebook

Partner Success, Inc.(1*) is a company that develops agency management cloud services, and they started using SNS to obtain leads and check market needs.

Specifically, they announced online events on Facebook for friends. Since they had about 3,000 friends on Facebook, they succeeded in acquiring many leads, and as a result, they obtained 100 appointments in two months.

SNS is said to be unsuitable for BtoB sales, but it is advantageous because information of prospective customers can be obtained. Facebook can be a useful tool for effective lead and appointment acquisition.

Chateraise – Sales increase by increasing the number of followers

Chateraise (2*) is famous for selling sweets, and they created a unique system to increase Twitter followers, which led to their followers growing from about 127,000 to about 317,000 in two years.

The strategy that Chateraise adopted was a user participation type of Twitter operation. They increased the number of users who posted by publishing original recipes using Chateraise products on Twitter.

Consumers were motivated to post more creative content by being retweeted, which fulfilled their desire for approval. The increase in Twitter followers resulted in-store sales increasing steadily.


SNS sales are an effective sales method that can be expected to increase customer acquisition and customer satisfaction. To succeed in SNS sales, it is essential to set objectives, select a target audience, emphasize content rather than the number of followers, and use it as a communication tool.

By referring to successful examples of SNS sales, companies can promote their products more effectively. It is essential to continue efforts to improve and evolve SNS sales while monitoring changes in the market environment and trends.

(1*) Achieved 100 appointments in 2 months. Partner Success, Inc.'s Personal Training in Social Selling Case Study.

(2*) Why the number of Chateraise reviews has increased eightfold in two years.

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