E-commerce Consulting Services

E-commerce Consulting Services

Are you facing these problems?
  • "Just started ecommerce but sales are not growing."

  • I'm too busy to manage all aspects of ecommerce.

  • Onboard new ecommerce partners with industry data.

Comprehensive support from the development of online stores to assistance in attracting customers. We work alongside EC managers to achieve overwhelming results. We also offer performance-based EC customer acquisition services (subject to review).

Ecommerce Consulting
Our IT cost reduction services provide tailored solutions that streamline your technology expenditure. We leverage the latest AI tools and our platform to identify unnecessary costs, enhance efficiency, and boost your bottom line.
Ecommerce Production
Transform your customer interactions into lasting relationships with our advanced CRM services. We offer cutting-edge solutions to manage, analyze, and improve your customer interactions at every touchpoint.
CRM Operations
Our team of experts helps you navigate the complexities of cloud computing and artificial intelligence, transforming your business processes and strategies.
Social & Community
Take your online store to new heights with our expert e-commerce management services. We aggregate orders from Shopify, Yahoo, Amazon and more to streamline your ecommerce businesses.
Ads & Campaigns
Elevate your business operations to the next level with our comprehensive ERP installation services. Our solutions are designed to seamlessly integrate into your existing workflows, optimizing every aspect of your operation from supply chain management to financial reporting.
Content & SEO
Our team of experts leverages advanced analytics tools and techniques to help you understand market trends, customer behaviors, and operational efficiencies
Unleash the true potential of your business with our tailored software development services. Our team of experts creates custom web apps, mobile apps, internal systems and anything in between to grow your business.
Only Sanka

We started with software development after thinking about how to maximize EC sales.

  • Dedicated team of experts with years of experience

  • Pay for results solutions - only pay when you grow

  • From acquisition to retention leveraging first party data

Trusted by Leaders
Foods. Apparels. Beauties. Gadgets. Outdoors.
The trusted commerce solutions for for all.
Years in Business

Before using Sanka, we were doing all the reporting work manually, which took hours every day. After installing Sanka, all these tasks were automated and my work became much easier. Highly recommended for anyone looking to automate their tasks and improve efficiency.


Sanka is our trusted partner who can commit to and run projects from the same perspective as our members, rather than just giving advice. They have even accompanied us on business trips and supported our recruitment activities.

Use Cases
We support our clients with overachieving results.
SMB Retail Store
Implemented cloud-based inventory and order management, reducing IT costs by 30% while increasing stock accuracy and enhancing customer experience.
Apparel & Fashion
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We combine AI and automation to create workflows that are faster, more affordable, and more effective than anyone else.

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We provide various business outsourcing and consulting services when you don't have a person in charge or internal knowledge.

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