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Why strong communication skill matters in crypto - With Timo Lee at Secured Finance


Last Update: Aug. 1, 2022

Would you quickly introduce yourself? Why did you join Secured Finance?

Hi, I’m Timo, Community Lead at Secured Finance. I am a multilingual business developer with an engineering background. I’m an IPFS and Filecoin lover and support building the Korean IPFS/Filecoin community by translating IPFS/Filecoin contents into Korean. After seeing the paradigm shift to Web3 and the great potential of institutional-grade DeFi, I decided to join a startup (Secured Finance) and support founders to develop a global community and business.

For noobs, would you explain what Secured Finance is and what it does?

Secured Finance is building P2P protocol to provide institutional-grade investment opportunities for crypto/digital currency users. It allows us to trade loans, FX forwards, cross-currency swaps, interest rate swaps, and structured products by leveraging distributed ledger technology.

Who are Secured Finance community members? Any uniqueness in its culture?

Secured Finance was born from Hackathon and won the top prizes (HackFS 2020, co-hosted by ETH Global and Protocol Labs). With a strong DNA in crypto, we want to bridge traditional finance and the crypto world. Therefore, we onboard Web3 companies, cryptocurrency miners, and institutional investors to our community.

If someone wants to join and contribute to Secured Finance, what'd be the best path? Also what kind of skills is Secured Finance looking for now? (devs, design, translation, etc)?

Running a company and engaging in global business, especially in the crypto area comes with many challenges like fast-paced technological advancement, financial regulations in different countries, global hiring & remote work team development. So we are looking for strong communication skills with flexibility, self-starting and disciplined team players.

We are actively hiring and looking for contributors, so please reach out to us via Telegram/Discord community channel. In my case, I’m passionate about creating new business opportunities and serving the community and ecosystem. My multicultural and multilingual experience helped me a lot to contribute to Secured Finance.

I've learned that you guys haven't issued any token for governance - any plan in the future? How do you incentivize community members to contribute to Secured Finance?

We are discussing internally what’s the best way to develop great community and token is one way, so please stay tuned in our community channel :).

What are the top three reasons for people to join Secured Finance?

1 - We value community contributions very much. Early test pilot users, market makers, investors, developers, educators, and marketers are all become part of our community and we’d like to reward them in a meaningful way.

2 - You can use our industry-leading financial protocol to access professional quality investment products. Our derivatives trading team consists of world-leading people who came from top investment banks and we are happy to provide the best investment opportunities.

3 - We are still at an early stage and your impact and contribution really matter. Let’s change the world and add a new page to the history of finance together!

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